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About Illovo Glen Private Primary School

Illovo Glen Private Primary School is a private Christian school for the community to help uplift education and give children an opportunity to grow and develop holistically.


At Illovo Glen Private Primary School, we aim to cultivate an exploratory and collaborative learning environment that seeks to nurture emotionally connected, cognitively engaged, adventurously creative and physically enthusiastic children that have a vibrant passion for learning.


We believe that every child has a future purpose, unlocked through a personal, guided pursuit of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical discovery, which will achieve authentic leadership capable of transforming family, community and economies alike.

We seek to redesign industrial learning methodologies through an adaptive and modern, learning environment that allows for engagement, inquiry, innovation and collaboration.

Timetables are structured with space that allows for reflection, introspection and activities that engage multiple senses that enrich the learning environment.


Illovo Glen Private Primary School is a private Christian school for the community to help uplift education and give children an opportunity to grow and develop holistically. We offer a Christian Based Ethos where family and community values are of vital importance. Children are developed academically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Our children are encouraged to learn at their best and we teach toward learning for understanding. It is vital that children have critical thinking and problem solving skills and can apply these in life. The staff at Illovo Glen Private Primary School aim to create an environment where children can be themselves, feel secure, are nurtured and are taught to be responsible, caring and self-motivated individuals.

At Illovo Glen Private Primary School, we have 6 core values that guide us in every aspect of school life.


In 2010 Animal Farm Pre School 2 now knows as Illovo Glen Private Pre Primary opened their doors to the community with a passion for education and seeing little lives changed. The Pre School has grown from strength to strength. It was started with just 9 children, and now we have over 95 children.

We have seen amazing growth in both the children and staff on our property.

Animal Farm Pre School 2 now knows as Illovo Glen Private Pre Primary is making a significant impact in our community, offering education at a very high standard in a secure, happy and safe environment where children are encouraged to explore the world around them through outdoor play and fun. Our little lives are so happy here that we saw a need to keep growing and start a Primary School.

In 2019, a small team, with a passion and drive to see a Christian Private School opened in Illovo Glen area, started preparations and planning to see this dream become a reality and in 2020 the first Grade 1 class will be launched through Illovo Glen Private Primary School. Each year thereafter, we will offer a new grade until we reach grade 7.

Illovo Glen Private Primary School will operate on the same premises as Illovo Glen Private Pre Primary for our first two years (2021) which is currently registered with the Health Department and Department of Social Development. Illovo Glen Private Primary School is registered with the Department of Education. Illovo Glen Private Primary School will move over to it’s own premises at no 31 Anna Scheepers Road Shulton Park, Illovo Glen in January 2022.

What We Do

If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.


Emotional Development

At Illovo Glen Private Primary School, we are passionate about developing children emotionally. We are intentional about equipping learners to become knowledgeable, responsible and caring adults.

There is a need for emotional intelligence and social emotional learning in schools and we have a program centred around this. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour and manage or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals.

Emotional Intelligence is a key to both personal and professional success and having a high emotional intelligence level is crucial for our children in today’s world. They are faced with hundreds of decisions to make every day, they have to manage their emotions, handle the pressure of a fast-paced lifestyle, advances in technology, limited family time and so much more. By getting to know our emotions and being able to understand them, and those of others, we can have empathy and develop into leaders and world changers.



Illovo Glen Private Primary School values academics and offers education at a high standard. Our children are exposed to different learning styles (outdoor learning, structured learning, experiential learning and formal traditional methods of learning) so that they develop a sound understanding of the world around them and are able to succeed in an ever-changing and developing world.

We follow stipulated standards set out in the National Curriculum Statement documents by using the Impaq Maths, English and Life skills Curriculum. Here learners are provided with necessary learning experiences beginning with the concrete and pictorial stages, followed by the abstract stage to enable them to learn Mathematics, Life skills and English in a meaningful way.

The Impaq learning system aims to help our children thrive in a fast-changing world. It is important to provide research-based Mathematics, Life skills and English education that will equip our learners with the 21st century skills necessary for a globalized economy.


Family Values

At Illovo Glen Private Primary School we believe in the importance of family. We aim to foster a sense of belonging where Godly traditions and family values can be upheld and developed in our community. We aim to partner with parents and not replace their role in training up their children. We desire to equip parents on how to invest in their children’s lives and foster healthy family relationships.


Sports Development

Learners are actively involved in their school day, from learning through sport and play, to focusing on specific sporting skills in the afternoon. The following sport will be offered as extra mural sports, which are coached by individuals who are passionate about the sport they coach and are included in the fees. All sports will take place at school. 

Summer Sports (Terms 1 & 4)


Mini Hockey

Winter Sports (Terms 2 & 3)

Rugby (boys)

Netball (girls)

Grades 1 – 3 will not be engaging in competitive sports as our primary focus will be to develop ball skills, hand-eye co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, team work, life skills and fun!


Sustainable Living

At Illovo Glen Private Primary School, we aim to create awareness and action around environmental sustainability both in school and the surrounding community. By teaching children how their decisions and actions affect the environment, we will build knowledge and skills necessary to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future.


Community Outreach

Illovo Glen Private Primary School looks to partner with the community and allows the learners and their families to serve with partnered organizations for the betterment of the Warner Beach/Amanzimtoti area.


During the year of 2020 we plan to start with the construction of our building. Conceptual building plans for the new school building to be built have already been drawn up. For our first operational year (2020) we will be making use of the same premises as Illovo Glen Private Pre Primary while we are busy with the construction of our building on our premises at no 31 Anna Scheepers Road Shulton Park, Illovo Glen. We have a 1 x 2 phase building and expansion plan:

Architectural blueprints.

Project 1 – Ground floor 2 phase building: 2020

The facility will include the following:

  • A large hall (air-conditioned) which is used for assembly and indoor play area
  • Admin room, Staff room and Reception area
  • A playground and sports field
  • A Tuck-shop
  • Classrooms Space for grade 1-3 and Bathrooms

Project 2 – First floor 2 phase building: 2021-2022

  • Library
  • Multipurpose room
  • Classrooms Space for grade 4-7
  • Bathrooms

Class Size

Illovo Glen Private Primary School prides itself with class sizes of no more than 25 learners per class.
All grades will have a qualified teacher per class.


School Fees

The School Fees for the year 2020 will be as follows:

Application Fee:
An application fee of R300 is due along with all application forms. This is non-refundable and does not guarantee a place at Illovo Glen Private Primary School.

Book  Fee Grade 1 package:
R2 800.00

Book package description:
English Home Language will consist of: 6 x reader phases, 4 x reading workbooks, 4 x handwriting workbooks, 4 x phonics work books and 1 x learner aid
Afrikaans first additional language will consist of: 2 x reader phases, 1 x workbook and 1 x learner aid
Life Skills will consist of 1 x workbook
Mathematics will consist of: 4 x workbooks and 1 x learner aid
Book fees needs to be paid every year and may vary from year to year depending on the learner’s grade level.

School Fee:
R 2200.00 a month over 11 months – payable by the 1st day of every month starting in January and the last payment being by the 1st of November.

Extended aftercare (14:00 – 17:00) will be an extra fee of R300 per month.


Non-payment of fees:

To ensure the effective running of the school, and in the best interest of pupils and other parents, it is essential that the prescribed terms of payment are strictly adhered to.

  1. Pupils whose fees are outstanding equivalent to two months’ fees will not be permitted to return to school until all outstanding fees is paid up in full.
  2. Any pupil whose fee account reflects a balance outstanding at the end of the academic year will not be admitted back to school in the first term of the following year.
  3. Money paid to the school for any additional fees such as outings, events, etc. will be allocated to school fees first.
  4. Legal action may be taken if payment is not made on time.
  5. All non-payment incidents will be kept strictly confidential.
  6. Parents/guardians are to give one month’s written notice if their children will be leaving the school.
  7. We will not be accepting cash payments at our premises. Only EFT, bank payments or speed point payment will be accepted (speed point facility will be available at our premises). Your child’s name and surname together with the birth year must be used as reference for any payments made into the schools bank account.

School Hours & Uniforms

Uniforms will consist of the following:

Summer uniform:
Boys- White short sleeve school shirt with school logo on pocket, grey school shorts, black school socks with black school shoes.
Girls – White short sleeve school shirt with school logo on pocket, grey school skirt, black school socks with black school shoes.
Both – Black long sleeve school jersey, Black pull over jersey, School tracksuit top only

Winter uniform:
Boys – White long sleeve school shirt with school logo on pocket, grey school trouser, black school socks with black school shoes.
Girls – White long sleeve school shirt with school logo on pocket, grey school skirt, black school hose socks with black school shoes.
Both – Black long sleeve school jersey, Black pull over, School tracksuit.

Physical Education and Sport kit:
Boys – Orange shirt, black school skirts with takkies
Girls – Orange shirt, black school short with takkies
Both – School tracksuit with takkies

Physical Education and Sport kit is available to purchase at The Tailor, shop no 9 Toti Mall Beach road Amanzimtoti.



The safety of your child is one of our number one priorities, however, should injuries occur our staff are more than capable of administering first aid. Our staff are trained and updated routinely in first aid and will be able to administer first aid where necessary – first aid certificates are up in reception for your perusal. A fully-stocked first aid box will always be at hand. Please let us know on the enrolment form if your child has any allergies.

Children who need further medical assistance will need to be fetched by you or the contact persons on the application form. We will contact an  ambulance in the case of a very serious injury as part of our emergency insurance. You or one of the emergency contacts will then have to meet us at the hospital as soon as you can.

Schoolchildren enjoying their lunch in a school cafeteria


Illovo Glen Private Primary School do not offers any lunch, sweets or snacks. We plan to have a tuck-shop available as from 2021. Children must bring their own lunch, sweets and snacks in their bags, unless otherwise arranged. All children are required to bring their own bottles of water and juice.


Admission Procedure

This admissions procedure adheres to the South African Schools act and to the principles contained in the constitution, as well as to other applicable legislation.

Preference will be given to the Grade R learners at Animal Farm Pre School.

  1. When the application forms have been completed, kindly submit it together with the required documentation to Illovo Glen Private Primary School together with the application fee of R300.
  2. If the child meets the admission requirements, then an interview may be scheduled with the parents/guardians and with the child if required.
  3. If an interview is required, the child may be asked to complete a few assessments which shall enable us to assess their ability.
  4. If the interview is successful, the parents/guardians will receive a fee agreement and an enrolment form.
  5. The parents/guardians must then complete the following:
    a) Read and sign the enrolment form (includes fee agreement);
    b) Pay the book fee of R2800;
    c) Pay the first month’s school fee of R2200.
  6. Once the enrolment form has been signed and the registration fee as well as the first month’s school fees has been paid then the child will start at Illovo Glen Private Primary School.
  7. Kindly take note that applications will be accepted even if the school is full. If the application is successful, then the child will be put onto a waiting list and the parents will be advised accordingly.

Meet Our Teachers at Animal Farm Pre School 2

  • Jessica Gold
    Jessica Gold Child Care Provider
  • Sarah Faik
    Sarah Faik Child Care Provider
  • Charlotte Sim
    Charlotte Sim Child Care Provider

What our parent have to say

“Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry”

Alvin Price

  • This school is the best for children to grow, learn and safety

    Nokwanda Angel Makhaye
  • My lil boy has grown and adapted to other kids his english is growing everyday his responsible,and his a big boy.

    Nkonzooh Mabhengu Omncane
  • This school is a best place for kids to grow as individuals.an the teachers are amazing.will recommend it to everyone

    Purity Noxolo Myeza

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