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About Illovo Glen Private Pre Primary

All of our children from 2 year to grade RR sit at tables for their lessons in their own classes. Our Tinnies Class 2 to 3 year gets stimulated during the day and have regular play times.


We run a full CAPS educational programme and each age group will be taught the necessary Knowledge and Skills needed. We facilitate students up to grade RR. We are a fully registered school with all relevant departments.


We firmly believe in learning through play and your child will be in a relaxed environment. We believe that each child will have at least 12 years of formal education in their lives and we like them to be children for as long as possible.

This also means that we allow the children to play outside as often as possible, as gross motor skills are as important as intellectual development. We also have P.E. classes (physical exercise) every Wednesday on our school’s sports field, so please be aware that your little one will get dirty here.


As most of the teachers in this school have children of our own, we understand how important your little one is to you. For this reason we strive to make this a home away from home so your little one can feel safe and secure and happy. Most children will start off by being a little scared and upset, remember we are all strangers in a strange place to them. But every child will settle in a few weeks. They quickly get used to our routine and us, and realize it is lots of fun here.

What We Do

If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.


Tinnies Class

2 To 3 Years

Our aim in the Tinnies Class is to encourage, and to stimulate each child’s social and emotional needs, as they begin to gain a sense of self, explore, interact with their peers, and learn how to share through play. The Early Years of a child’s education are crucial to their future development, enjoyment and achievement. At Illovo Glen Private Pre Primary we provide high quality early learning through play in a happy, fun and caring environment.  The youngest children are nurtured in a vibrant, family atmosphere and participate joyfully in whole school activities and celebrations.


Tots Class

3 To 4 Years

Our Tots Class are provided with activities that allow them to build on their existing skills as well as having the opportunity to take part in new experiences and explore the world around them. The children will be involved in lots of fun experiences which will provide a rich scope for learning and school readiness. We will help them to become familiar with a classroom setting and normal day to day routines in a safe and loving environment. We also have a weekly theme structured activities focus on fine and gross motor skills, social, and emotional skills, each based on individual developmental abilities.


Grade RR

4 To 5 Years

Our Grade RR will get involved in a wide range of activities such as mark-making, problem solving, creative projects and learning about the world and cultural events. Practitioners support children by challenging them and encouraging them to take safe risks and we all have a can-do attitude.


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Our Events

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Class Rooms

Covid Readyness

Covid Readyness

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What our parent have to say

“Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry”

Alvin Price

  • This school is the best for children to grow, learn and safety

    Nokwanda Angel Makhaye
  • My lil boy has grown and adapted to other kids his english is growing everyday his responsible,and his a big boy.

    Nkonzooh Mabhengu Omncane
  • This school is a best place for kids to grow as the teachers are amazing.will recommend it to everyone

    Purity Noxolo Myeza

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